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Ordinary Albert

Albert is happy to live an ordinary life but he would like something exciting to happen to him just once. He sets off walking to find that one exciting thing --not sure what "it" is. He does not know that a dragon is sleeping peacefully in a cave in the woods... Could this be "it"?

Author comments:

"When I first wrote this story I tried to sell it as a picture book. No one in the US wanted to buy it. An editor finally told me that she thought Ordinary Albert would be a better short story. I tried selling it as a story instead but no magazine in the US wanted it either. So I sent it to a magazine in Australia and they bought it and published it. Pamela Allen, an Australian illustrator, read my story in the magazine and then wrote to ask if she could turn my story into a picture book! Of course I said "yes". Pamela's agent sold it to HarperCollins Australia. After over 10 years it was finally the picture book I dreamed of in the first place!"